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There have been a number of things we have had to get used to with this house.  Other than remembering to head this way when going home (ahem).

The radiators sing.  They each sing a different song.  Some of them are far more talented than others.  Do they have radiator singing lessons?  Tuning kits?

The laundry is downstairs, not upstairs.

The bedrooms are upstairs not downstairs.

There is a garbage disposal, I don’t need to dump soup down the toilet if it’s not finished.

I don’t do “garages” well.  They make me unreasonably nervous for reasons I can’t even begin to explain.

I LOVE having a fireplace and may spend my kids futures on firewood.

Magazines don’t burn in the fireplace very well, they smolder and smoke and require you to open the windows with below freezing temperatures.  Envelopes do burn well.   (take out the plastic window).  As do the brown paper bags they put wine in at the grocery store (and then pack so many in a plastic bag that the bag breaks…)

We need more recycling than trash collection.

Running up and down the stairs is fun if someone is in the 1st floor bathroom because it sounds like an angry herd of elephants.

Did I mention garages?

And lots of snow shoveling.  A lot.  Like 4 times today.  I don’t need a new years resolution diet/weight-loss plan, the snow storm is kicking my ass.






I actually ran out of places to put the snow so I have started creating a sledding hill off the side of our deck.  We’ll see what Ace thinks of it when he gets home.  I’m thinking he’ll be less thrilled than the kids were :D

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2 thoughts on “Interesting things

  1. lol ok, now I’m dieing to know what the garage issue is. Since I started recycling our garbage has gone down a ton. We don’t use the service because we’re rural and it’s a rip off. It’s a pita but I take it to the recycling myself. Our grandkids better appreciate me caring so much!

    • I don’t even know for sure what the issue is, they just creep me out! I assume that’s where serial killers hang out and nothing good can happen there. That and all the bikes will fall over on you…on a shift day, of course. Our trash and recycling is part of our property taxes in the city. Until last year we had to take all our recycling because our condo didn’t have recycling pick up. (Condos do it differently, no clue why)

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