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Organizational Failure

Thursdays are kicking my ass. Tuesdays too. On Thursdays we have co-op for Princess Ahem and General Tank (I think there is one or two more classes), T4 has pre-school at the park district, then Princess Ahem has choir. So it looks like this: try to leave the house at 9:45. Fail, spend from 9:45 to 10:00 saying “hurry up,” drive for 30 minutes to the park for preschool drop off, spend 15 minutes dropping off and removing coats and hats and boots and saying hi to everyone, then rushing up to the place holding the co-op, accidentally try to park in the lot, realize there’s no way in hell that is going to work out well for anyone. Try to find on street parking, then conquer the snow mound and skate up the alley to the door. Sit for an hour, then at 12:20 try to gather the Big Troubles to eat lunch, and generally head back out the door by 12:45. I have to pick up T4 at 2, so not enough time to go home, not enough time to eat at a diner, and we’re trying to avoid chain fast food….so yeah, then Princess Ahem’s choir is at 4, close to pre school, not close to home, so drive home, spend 45 minutes at home, turn around and drive through school letting out hour traffic. Sit for an hour, go home. (Every other Tuesday add Cub Scouts to the end of it.)

BUT – we don’t like any of the Co-op classes for next session, so that will just become library time. But seriously, Fridays I just sit there and zone out. There is no sense in trying to form another thought.  And now I’m going to have to go to bed. Because all the being awake has made me tired!!!  Oh and this…there is more snow than children.  I am also exhausted because EVERYTHING involves a hike.



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2 thoughts on “Organizational Failure

  1. A hike and all those layers of clothes. Then dressing, undressing, redressing. I’m tired thinking of it.

    I don’t do well with schedules packed like that. I get cranky and find reasons why we can’t do it. Then the kids are cranky because they are missing out. Then all that driving I’m sure to be swearing and flipping people off. Then I get in trouble for that. Not that anything like that has ever happened (eye roll)

    • Never, I’m sure. I’m very much looking forward to the WARM, but not so much to the wet that is going to be the end result of those piles of snow!!!

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