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Negative A Negative A Negative A, now

Red Hot Chili Peppers were popular when I was in high school, including their song Give it Away.  I saw them at Lalapalooza…when Lalapalooza was new…My high school friend, who was small chested, liked to say her bra size was Negative A.  Sooo…yeah, we’d wander around high school singing “Negative A, Negative A, Negative A now”  because we were classy.   (And yes, I LOVED them singing during halftime at the Super Bowl.  And I chuckled at the outrage, because seriously…Flea had on pants, save your outrage.

That said, I object to this version of more negative.



But, uhm, yay it’s too cold to snow?  Sure, let’s go with that.

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5 thoughts on “Negative A Negative A Negative A, now

  1. The weather person (not a meteorologist) on the 5 pm news today was so surprised that it was sunny and cold. Clearly from somewhere further south! She didn’t quite understand the whole clouds keeping heat in concept.

    • My college roommate called them “tricky ricky days” because she always thought it would be warmer out when the sun was out. I’m not sure WHY she thought that since she was from Iowa so freezing sunny days shouldn’t have been a surprise! Today we had a strange effect where the sun beaming through the icicles melted the icicles behind it! Imagine my surprise at -6 and melting ice!

  2. I missed the controversy, why were people upset about Red Hot Chili Peppers? I was too busy being excited about the Hawks kicking butt lol My complaint about them was it was ONLY ONE SONG! Boo, hiss

    • That it wasn’t ‘family friendly’ because the song is about sex and such….to each their own, but I’m not sure where we get the idea that football is necessarily a family friendly sport…most of the commercials during NFL games are ones I don’t want to have to explain to my kids and good lord, I REALLY don’t want to have to explain the players’ behavior!

      • Being PC is the death of all entertainment anywhere. Good grief. With everyone having different views of what is ok for their children, how in the world can you “police” that?

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